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Our XVI Century History

The Casa das Varandas building, now known as “Varandas de Lisboa” dates back to the XVI century and was recommended by D. Manuel I, in Letter of 1508.

It is located in Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, which was known until 1859 by Rua dos Confeiteiros due to the candy shops that existed there. Rua dos Bacalhoeiros was named after because of the cod trade that flourished there.

The “Varandas de Lisboa” building is located in an area where there was a defensive wall of the city of Lisbon – called Old Fence or Moura Fence. According to Augusto Vieira da Silva, an important figure, the fence would be approximately 1,250 meters in length in its total length, 2 to 2.5 meters thick and included in its interior an area of approximately 15.6 hectares. The total area of Al-Usbuna, the Arab Lisbon, would be approximately 30 hectares – the walled area and suburbs.

It is known that this building suffered restorations and possible additions during the 1940s. XVIII, by D. Rodrigo de Menezes.

After the earthquake of 1755, which greatly affected its facades, survived only the stonework of the shops, the lofts and the three floors, filled by nine balconies of iron balusters. The building was rebuilt in 1761 by Francisco Crespo.

Finally, after a fire in 1781, Domingos José de Sousa intervened in 1803-1805, where two floors and attic were added. The added floors, with a rectangular base balcony, connected the two buildings (nº 6 and nº8), taking advantage of existing walls and ornamental elements.

In 1984, the current owner acquires the Casa das Varandas building and in 2009 he began a thorough renovation project, respecting the characteristic features of the Pombaline architecture, with stone arches and a pombaline cage, an anti- sismic structure used in Baixa Pombalina of Lisbon after the earthquake of 1755, consisting of a three-dimensional structure of wood embedded in masonry walls.

On the main façade, the present square of Campo das Cebolas was inaugurated in 2018, now with ample leisure spaces and a quality public space. It was known, before the earthquake of 1755, as Praça da Ribeira Velha, where for 200 years it was one of the best fish markets in Lisbon.

The Varandas de Lisboa, is now a renovated building with unique construction quality and unparalleled views over the river Tagus.

Our Lisbon Varandas is a look at emblematic neighborhoods of the city, reporting our guests to the growth and development of the City of Lisbon since the 18th century.

On each floor you can surprise yourself with themed decor, with photos and decorative panels that take you on a journey into the past and the present, in a family atmosphere, cozy and full of memories.

When leaving our space, take in your heart the “Balconies that miss you …”.

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In our company, you will make your own memories of Lisbon city with magnificent scenery and casually elegant surroundings, experiencing the gentle ambience of our luxury and charming accommodations.

Varandas de Lisboa is the perfect place to feed your spirit. With recently renovated rooms and a bolder focus on your welfare.